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If you came to this page from a Search engine, start reading at our main SCORM page, where there are also eight samples that you can use to see how it all works.

Fronter is a widely used Learning Platform in UK education. It is now owned by Pearson. SUMS Maths works very well on Fronter. There are several keen and knowledgeable advisors who are pushing things along, and many teachers are starting to engage more fully.

Leicester City, and their advisor Adele Hull, are leaders in using the disaggregated SCORM 2004 packs with a 'Landing Page' . They demonstrated this to lots of other Fronter local authorities at the recent (2009) Fronter conference at the Emirates stadium.

See the information in the Guide below for detailed instructions on how to add SUMS Maths SCORM packs to Fronter. As an overview, Adele advises that she uses this approach:

"I set up a SUMS Math room, which is a collection of webpages and files etc. I uploaded all of the packs. As they are each a separate SCORM course, they can then be linked to individually.

Next I created a web page per Unit, with another for all of the activities that don't fall into Units 1 to 6. These used the landing page text and pictures to link to each activity. You can just cut and paste the pictures and text into Fronter.

The schools use the resources in two ways:

Method 1. The teachers send pupils into the SUMS Maths room and tell them which activity to use. This is great for casual use.

Method 2. Each teacher already has a virtual classroom that their pupils use. When they want to build a lesson that uses in part one of the SUMS Maths activities they just insert the link to that activity wherever it is needed. That lets the pupil use the SUMS game seamlessly within the context of the teachers lesson."

IMPORTANT. Adele 0116 2298741 has also offered to provide a copy of her SUMS room to any other licenced Fronter school - Fronter now allows a bridge to be formed between systems and rooms to be copied.

GUIDE. Adding SUMS Maths SCORM 2004 packs to Fronter

Loading SUMS Maths to Fronter is easy. Just use the Course Tool and then 'Import course package'. You need Fronter 82 or later, which most schools have (earlier versions do not support SCORM 2004).

Hacton School in Havering suggest that we point out that the Course Tool may need to be added to the room first - this may not be standard in the rooms already set up. They add that the method for adding SUMS Maths is obvious once this is done.

Don't forget to read Adele's advice in the section above.

-------- adding the course tool to a room ---------

1.Click on the name of the room where you would like to add your course tool

2. Click the ‘Room’ tool on the left hand tool bar
- Click the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen where it says “Choose...“
- Click on ‘Customise tool package’
- Click on ‘New tool’ at the bottom of the list of tools in the left hand column on the page
- Tick on the box next to the ‘Course’ tool and click ‘Save’ button

3.The ‘Course’ tool should now be added to your Tool list on the main page

Viewing SUMS Maths SCORM 2004 packs in Fronter


Screenshot 1. Finding the right room.

Resources in Fronter are kept in rooms.

Fronter Scorm 2004 1a

Select "Display all rooms" and then the room for SUMS Maths. How this looks will obviously depend on how you have chosen to set up the 90+ SUMS Maths packs on your Fronter installation.

Fronter Scorm 2004 1b

Screenshot 2. Using a Landing Page to make access to the activities easy.

For most effective use of the SUMS packs you need to add a Landing Page that acts as a place with easy access. Teachers can separately build lessons with just a single SUMS activity in - which is the point of so called 'disaggregated SCORM'.

In the screenshot below, which is from the Leicester Fronter installation, a Landing Page has been built using the pictures and descriptions which can be copied from or downloaded from the Landing Page information on this website.

Fronter Scorm 2004 2

Screenshot 3. Running the SUMS Maths activity in Fronter

The Leicester Fronter site is set up so that one click on the pictures loads the SUMS activity directly.

Fronter Scorm 2004 3