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If you came to this page from a Search engine, start reading at our main SCORM page, where there are also eight samples that you can use to see how it all works.

RM Kaleidos is one of the most established Learning Platforms in UK Primary schools. It works well with SUMS Maths. It captures runtime scores from the SUMS maths activities, though as yet they are not available to teachers who are using Kaleidos. This is expected to be rectified in a later RM Kaleidos release.

Several UK local authorities (e.g. Bury, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire) have already taken SUMS Maths for use on Kaleidos across all of their Primary schools.

GUIDE. Adding SUMS Maths SCORM 2004 packs to RM Kaleidos

The information below tells you how to add SUMS Maths SCORM packs to Kaleidos (which is known as GLOW in Scotland). There are a lot of them (nearly 100) but it only takes about 30 seconds each to get them uploaded, and you only need do it once. Remember that the packs are separate for a good reason - it lets your teachers integrate them easily into their own lesson material.

IMPORTANT. You need to use the ADMIN login to add SUMS content (not a teacher one) or you will load activities and then not be able to actually run them - you would get a "Permission error".

Screenshot 1. Finding the SCORM repository in Kaleidos

When you first enter Kaleidos, you meet the tabs shown in the screenshot below.

Kaleidos Scorm 2004 1a

Clicking on the Learning Spaces tab takes you to the following screen. Under VLE launcher you will see the option to 'Choose a task' and in particular, a link to 'Plan and organise content'. The subhead is "Create your own VLE courses, resources and objectives."

Kaleidos Scorm 2004 1b

Clicking on "Plan and organise content" usually opens a new window with three tabs, the Content Pack Manager. By default it opens to the Courses tab, so go to the Content Packs tab.

Kaleidos Scorm 2004 1c

To load your first pack to Kaleidos you first need to click on a folder in the main lefthand window. This will then make the 'intray icon' on the top-left of the screen available. On this screenshot it is underneath the yellow star, and to the left of the trolley and wastebin symbols. On some systems there may not be a trolley symbol.

The information on Screenshot 3 below will tell you what to do next. Screenshot 2 shows you what the Content pack store will look like once you have added your content.

Screenshot 2. Looking at SUMS in the SCORM 'Content Pack' store in Kaleidos

Once SUMS packs have been loaded they show in the SUMS Online Ltd folder as in the screenshot below.

Kaleidos Scorm 2004 2

Screenshot 3. Adding SUMS Maths SCORM packs to Kaleidos 'Content Pack Manager'.

Once you have clicked on the top level folder on the Content Packs Page (see below) you can then click the small 'intray icon' on the top left of the screen - just to the left of the shopping basket. When you roll your mouse over it it says 'import a content pack into the selected folder' .

IMPORTANT. If you can't get to the 'intray icon' then it just means that you have not first clicked on the folder on the left.

Kaleidos Scorm 2004 3a

Clicking this opens a new window as below, with the Content Pack Import Wizard. Browse to the SUMS Maths zip file that you want to upload, and follow the Wizard through.

Kaleidos Scorm 2004 3b

Once the wizard is finished you will be put back to the Content Pack store page as in Screenshot 2 above, except now the new pack will have been added.

Screenshot 4. Looking at metadata information etc in the Content Pack store.

To launch a course, or to look at the metadata it contains you need to open the folder it is stored in. See below.

Kaleidos Scorm 2004 4


Screenshot 5. Launching an activity the first time.

When you press Launch, you may get a window like the one below. If so, it only happens the first time that you access it. More usually you will go straight to the Flash movie.

Kaleidos Scorm 2004 5a

Pressing on the down arrow gives you this screen.

Kaleidos Scorm 2004 5b

Finally, clicking on the activity name gives you the Flash movie.

Kaleidos Scorm 2004 5c

If you experience any problems, please do call support at SUMS on 01454 853539.