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Moodle is one of the most widely used Learning Platforms in education. It certainly has many of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic users, both teachers and students. Many teachers seem to have Moodling as a hobby.

We have lots of Moodle schools using SUMS Maths.

GUIDE. Adding SUMS Maths SCORM 2004 packs to Moodle

The Moodle installation used for these screenshots is the 2.2 version (Feb 2012). There are many ways to implement our packs which are constructed as 'disaggregated SCORM'. That means that each SCORM pack contains one Flkash activity (for example, about plotting points in four quadrants). This means that the teacher can more easily build our activities into their own lesson.

1. Course Categories.

Here we are logged in as the Admin user and three course categories have been created. "Shape and Space" has had all 16 of its SUMS SCORM packs added - each one as a separate course.

Moodle Scorm 2004 1

2. Course Listing.

Clicking on the course category "Shape and Space" shows a list of the available courses, for example, "Word Plot". Here only the first nine courses are listed.

Moodle Scorm 2004 2

3. Course Settings

This is an example of the course settings that we use. This is the first screen you see when you define a new course. It is where you give the course its name (in this case, Word Plot) and where you define it as a SCORM course. You can see the other typical settings we give it.

Moodle Scorm 2004 3

4. SCORM Pack loading and Settings

When you have completed the page above you are taken to a SCORM related page where you are asked to browse to the file for the SCORM pack. This will be a zip file (do not unzip it, Moodle does that internally) and you get a chance to rename it to a short name. Here has been used. You also get a chance to describe in words what the SCORM pack does (see below).

Moodle Scorm 2004 pack settings

You should also specify that it will open in a new window, which you can size (we use 760 x 540). You should tick to allow it to be resized and scrolled as the SUMS pack may not open perfectly in the centre of the window.

Moodle Scorm 2004 pack settings

Student Skip Content Structure is set to NEVER as this shows the description at the start and stops the system getting into a loop when you complete the SUMS activity. We also recommend you disable Preview to stop students thinking their attempts are being recorded when they are not. Also we set Unlimited Attempts because SUMS content is usually never completed. Course structure is trivial and therefore disabled and not shown at the start.

Moodle Scorm 2004 pack settings

Finally, the number of attempts is set to unlimited and display attempt status is set to NO.

Moodle Scorm 2004 pack settings

5. Viewing the new Moodle course as a student.

If a student logs in with permission to see the Shape and Space courses and selects Quad Quiz then the course description is seen first.

Moodle Scorm 2004 student view

When ENTER is pressed then a new window opens and Quad Quiz displays. Typically the student needs to use the vertical scroll bar to ensure it is in the centre.

Moodle Scorm 2004 student view

The student can then enter the activity and complete some questions.

6. Viewing the student score as an Admin or other supervisory user

When the student has closed down the activity the score achieved can be viewed. Note that we usually set up SUMS activities so that the student can see the score as displayed within the SUMS activity, but not the Moodle supplied one.

in the screenshot below the Admin user has selected the Quad Quiz course and hit the link on its top right, which says something like "View reports for 3 attempts. They have then selected Interactive Report. Here TestStudentA has scored 4 from 5.

Moodle Scorm 2004 viewing student scores

NOTE. Moodle and SCORM Runtime Scoring. SUMS Maths delivers SCORM format runtime scores into Moodle. These are also picked up by the special SCORM reporting code that has been recently added. More about that soon.